Wp Link Shield 2 Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Wp Link Shield 2 Review With Discount

By now you've most likely heard as an affiliate marketer, you have to mask your links. Do you also know that merely masking with any old plugin isn't really enough? Since deceitful marketers can steal your commissions and numerous cloaked links are blocked due to the fact that they connect to high volume servers, you have to utilize a masking plugin constructed for today's digital environment. Here is that plugin.
Today Chris Hitman is on the program to discuss WP Link Shield and how it can enhance your earnings and secure you in more ways than just cloaking your links.

A brand-new cloaker has actually been just been launched that safeguards affiliate commissions & repairs major bugs of other masking tools. In fact if you're not masking links you probably are losing approximately 30% commission and if you are utilizing other cloakers there's a pretty good opportunity you are losing as much as 60% commission.

A major bug has actually been simply found in almost all link cloakers, they break responsive websites! Considering that 60% people use mobile devices nowadays, that's a huge problem and a big quantity of revenue lost. If you're not masking links you are not safe either, you are leaving as much as 30% of sales on the table through, affiliate theft, browser changing and social stopping. If you think you are securing your links by link masking think again, 99% of cloakers break responsive websites-- this is down to some really bad coding by most link cloakers. This is now the # 1 reason for lost sales as 60% of us utilize mobile devices.

WP Link Shield 2.0 protects your affiliate links, makes your links look natural, allows you to publish them socially with complete metas and maximizes your affiliate income a no brainer for all affiliate marketers.

Wp Link Shield 2 Features:

- it works perfectly with responsive sites (99% of other cloakers break mobile sites)
- it never displays the raw link in the browser unlike conventional cloakers
- It prevents commission loses through browser switching & link sharing
- it allows you to edit meta images & descriptions to maximize social clicks.
- It allows you to block exit pops
- it works flawlessly on all social media - many cloakers fail
- it makes your affiliate links look 100% natural increasing clicks
- it maintains your site branding with your choice of keywords
- it's super easy to use

WP Linkshield 2.0 is a new generation link cloaker that uses the newest technique on the market. It’s built to save your links from aggressive scanning, devaluation and common blocking. It’s also one the easiest & smartest link cloakers on the market.
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